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The show The Man Behind Freddie Mercury started off as a journey through the life of Freddie Mercury using photographs as a visual aid to my talking. The audience was able to hear many things that they had not known before. Milan Devinne and I were talking about this project, wondering how we could improve it and came up with the current format. There are still photographs involved which bring on a different topic each time, but also Milan and the band, Devinne, perform new acoustic arrangements of various Queen songs, some of which also bring about some comments. We try to bring all aspects of Freddie's life into the open, the performer, the composer and also parts of his life outside these spheres. We try to incorporate some of the audience's questions which might not have been covered by me previously. This show has played to standing ovations in different parts of the Czech Republic and there are plans for more shows in this style in the future.


It does not matter where in the world You are, we can always come to You !
The show consists of a number of photograps and detailed description of life arround the photograph - interspersed with Queen songs played live in special acoustic arraangements.

Any serious offeres considered.
Feel free to get in touch via this formular.

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